I did a little stuff with Taylor, who’s probably the fastest songwriter I ever met in my life. I can go on record saying that Taylor is genuinely the quickest songwriter I’ve ever- for anyone who doubts it she writes her own stuff. Any idea and you’re like “Yeah I don’t know if I like that lyric” and she’ll have three options, replaced within 10 seconds, she’s like bam bam bam. She’s bit of a prodigy, bit of a songwriting prodigy.
Ryan Tedder, on working with Taylor Swift on her upcoming album (via nightswhenyou)

Anonymous asked:

How was Taylor's hug like!??

breakburnandends answered:

it was the best thing. she wrapped her arms around me and we hugged for a good twenty seconds the second time because that was after i had told her everything. that was the best hug. i hugged her three other times but that one definitely takes the cake. she made me feel like i was the only one in that room despite there being other fans behind me and despite the girls with the cameras wanting to speed things up. i know this is going a bit off topic, but she really does make you feel special. she gives you her full attention and it’s unlike anything i’ve ever seen. she doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or nervous, she makes you feel like you guys are just friends talking about your day. she’s so amazing and she listens and always acknowledges everything you say and nods and it’s just. she cares. she really does care.